Little dress up game! Originally thought for the #shortnsweetjam but didn't make on time u.u Still, decided to upload it anyway :P


* Drag the items on the kitty to dress it up

* Click on the arrows to change fur colour or eye colour, depending on the label

* Click on "eyelashes?" or "bow?" to make eyelashes/tail bow visible or not

* M - mute music

* P - play music (will play another than the current one)

* E - go to Start screen

Note: After you press "Start", it takes a little while to load the next screen.

Note2: "Finish" button doesn't work (forgot to take it off)


Music: "Heartwarming" and "Midday Sun" from (Bright Piano Collection)

Font: Lato (Bold)

Thanks to th organizers of the jam for such a cute theme and the people on discord that were always willing to help and provide feedback ^^